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Compliactions in Diabetes ?

Diabetes is a chronic condition affecting millions of people around the world. Today, India has a largest number of people with Diabetes in the world & this number is growing rapidly.

The Genetic predisposition together with our modern lifestyle is responsible for the increasing frequency of this disorder.The longer a person has had Diabetes, the greater is the risk for developing complications.

In addition  to High Blood Glucose levels, people with diabetes often have a variety of metabolic abnormalities that contribute to the increased risk for developing complications. These abnormalities include High Blood Pressure, High Triglycerides, High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol & Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. If untreated, complications of Diabetes can become life threatening or cause serious functional impairment.Uncontrolled diabetes can lead both Acute & Chronic complications.This damage is the result of elevated blood glucose levels over a period of many years.

Acute Complications :Include severe Hyperglycemia (High Blood Sugar Levels) as a consequence of inadequately treated diabetes, which may lead to diabetic ketoacidosis. On the other hand, over treatment may result in hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose Levels), which can lead convulsions & brain damage. Both of these complications are unacceptable and should be avoided with proper treatment.

Chronic Complications : can be divided into Macrovascular &  Microvascular complications.

Macrovascular complications :
This affects the heart & major blood vessels leading to increased frequency of heart disorder and atherosclerosis. High blood glucose levels play a role in premature & accelerated development of macro vascular complications. 

Microvascular Complications:
This affects eyes, kidneys & peripheral nerves. Microvascular damage affects the retina in the eyes(The Light-sensitive film in the back of the eyes).this is called Retinopathy, which can lead to decreased vision or blindness. 

Microvascular damage also affects the kidney (Which is called as Nephropathy, which can lead to kidney failure) & nerves (Neuropathy, which can cause pain, numbness & increase the risk of foot injury & infections). 

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