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Low Cholesterol Diet Guidelines

Low Fat & Low Cholesterol Diet Guidelines for Patients:

Studies have shown that diet has a major effect on blood serum lipid & blood cholesterol.
Intake of saturated fat is shown to have correlation with serum cholesterol levels. Smoking cessation, Weight Control, Normalization of blood lipid, active lifestyle & right food intake are the key factors for treatment.

Fibre rich foods are beneficial & improve satiety. Soluble fibre from oats & methi seeds lower the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive track.

Steamed & boiled preparations are preferable to fried food. Reducing total fat intake, especially saturated fat & cholesterol in diet will help reducing both weight & cholesterol level.

To reduce the risk of heart disease you need regular physical activity & a relaxed lifestyle. People with high levels of triglycerides or cholesterol have a high risk for heart diseases. The best way to reduce them is through exercise and a diet that is low in fat and in 
simple sugar.

Foods permitted
Foods to be Excluded
Fats & Oils
(3-4 tsp/day)
Sunflower, Soya bean, Rice Bran
And canola.
Ghee,Butter,Margarine,Cocunut & Palm oil, Cream, Lard, Bacon fat, Egg Yolks
Milk & Milk Products
Skimmed Milk & its Products
Whole dried condensed milk, milk shakes from whole milk, full fat dairy products ie.Cheese & Creams
Egg (White Portion)
Egg yolks & its preparations
Foods made from whole cereals; Eg,Whole wheat flour chapatti, Jowar,Bajra Bhakri
Food items made from Flour of Maida
(2-3 Serve/Day)
All Types should be consumed
All types prepared in high fat gravies(like Dal Fry & Oily Channa Masala)
Vegetables(3 or More Serve/Day)
All fresh vegetables particularly dark, green, yellow vegetables which are high in vitamins & minerals. Also eat plenty of vegetables in raw form to ensure consumption of good amount of Fibre.
Avoid consuming fried vegetables or vegetables prepared in coconut, ground nut & cashew nut gravies.
Fruits (1-2Serve/Day)
1Serv=1 Small fresh fruit
All fresh fruits. Eat Fruits with their skin (Apple & Pears) whenever possible
Canned Fruits or fruits prepared in syrups
Fish Poultry & Meat
Fresh fish or chicken(Lean Cuts)
Red Meat, Shell Fish, Fried, Smoked or salted fish & oil packed Canned fish.
Beverages (other than fruit juice)
Soda water,tea,uncreamed soups, thin butter milk, coffee in moderation
Flavoured coffees, whole milk shakes, high butter lassies & soft Drinks.
Seasoning/ Dressing & sauces
Lemon juice, Vinegar, salt substitutes like garlic, mustard etc,
Seasonings & sauces containing Mono Sodium Glutarnate or dressing containing egg yolk & oil like Mayonnaise,butter,cream,oil
Roasted snacks like Khakra, murmura, whole Channa.
All fried & salted snacks, Burgers, butter pop corn, potato chips nuts & dry fruits.
Eating Out
Steamed, Broiled, Roasted, Baked or Boiled low fat items.
Avoid fast food burgers, tacos, fried dishes, and egg dishes, vegetable curry with lot of oil/ghee should be avoided.

Disclaimer: The above information is generic in nature & for any specific queries
please  consult your family Physician / Dietician

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