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How to change your lifestyles for healthy heart and well being


How to change your lifestyles for healthy heart and wellbeing

By Dr.S.Krishna Shankar, M.D, DNB (General Medicine)

Healthy Heart

Healthy Lifestyles: 

Here we are highlighting the importance of healthy lifestyles, and the ways to follow them, for you to have a healthy heart and to live long...

  • Eating healthy diet is important, as diet modifications prevent heart disease.      
  • Avoid Junk foods- Pizza, burgers, chips will increase your calories and risk for hypertension, obesity and heart disease.
  • Avoid Aerated drinks - Pepsi, Coca cola etc.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Eat fibre rich diet
  • Eat 3 times a day
  • Breakfast is essential
  • The last meal [Dinner] has to be taken 3 hours before going to bed
  • Eat Fruits as part of your meals but after an hour from the main course
  • Minimise your intake of Sweets and Chocolates, resist the temptation
  • Drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water everyday

  • Always do physical activity
  • To start with, it need not be rigorous
  • Take the Stairs instead of the Escalator
  • Walk to the nearby store instead of driving a few blocks.
  • Walking for at least 30 min a day helps to regulate your Blood Circulation and general health. 
  • Keep your BMI within the range of 18-25
  • AVOID walking or practising Sports- right after a meal, as this hinders the process of digestion   It reduces the benefits of Sports and causes joint pains
  • Do exercise, eat less and eat right- Basic steps to lead a healthy life it also helps in reducing stress by distraction and gives you a lift via endorphins.
  • Deep breathing, Meditation, Yoga & Music: Breathing Exercises: it is an easy stress reliever, It oxygenates the blood- which wakes up the brain, relaxes muscles & calms the mind .You can do them anywhere, and they work quickly so you can de-stress in a flash

  • To get relieved of stress, meditate for at least 5-10 min
  • Meditation builds on deep breathing, and it takes a step further
  • When you meditate your brain enters an area of functioning that is similar to deep sleep
  • It carries some added benefits you can achieve so well in any state, including the release of certain hormones that Promotes Health

  • It combines the Practices of several other stress management techniques
  • It combines- Breathing, Meditation, Imagery and Movement
  • Gives a lot of benefits for the amount of time and energy required
  • Dates back over 5 thousand years
  • Proven to be Beneficial for the Heart

  • It is one of the most relaxing and spiritually boosting factors in life
  • Soft or classical music is relaxing
  • When dealing with stress, the right music can     lower your BP, relax your body and calm your mind
  • Music therapy has shown numerous health benefits for people with conditions ranging from mild [like stress] to severe [like cancer]

  • Sounds simple- many people tend to miss it and frown instead
  • It takes 17 muscles to smile and 41 muscles to frown
  • Smile is contagious
  • Smile relieves stress, it increases your life span
  • The benefit increases if your smile turns into a Laughter
  • Have a hearty laugh to keep your heart healthy
  • Have fun, Cultivate a supportive social circle:
  • Those with a supportive social circle, or just one close friend or partner to lean on in times of crisis, enjoy healthier, less stressful lives
  • Have fun- filled activities that you enjoy and make time for them
  • Volunteer a couple of hours a week to the less fortunate
  • Living a healthy life means you are making choices daily that affect your health in positive ways
  • Positive thoughts, visualizations:
  • Never have Negative thoughts
  • Have a high self esteem, be confident
  • Healthy mind- Key to healthy living
  • Always think positive, have visualizations. Imagine yourself- Achieving goals, healthier and more relaxed, doing well at tasks and handling conflicts in a better way
  • Positivity increases your longevity

Organise your time:
  • Keep a schedule
  • Stick to the schedule
  • Learn to say no to excessive demands on time
  • Utilize shortcuts
  • You will become less frantic and have more time to do things, you will enjoy life, thereby energizing and de-stressing you

Maintain an Organised living Space:
  • A cluttered environment can literally drain your energy and can cause additional stress
  • Keep your environment in your workplace as well as your house clean
  • Get organized about cleaning and work towards the goal of having a beautiful and organised living space
  • Will soothe you and de-stress you

Take care of your body:
  • Eat healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep- 7 hours a day
  • Think Positive, do Yoga, Meditation
  • Have massages
  • Be soft and polite
  • De-stress to avoid distress


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