Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Contour-TS-Blood Glucose Monitor

Price : Rs.1995.00
25 Strips: Rs.750.00

Features :

Easy accuracy advanced by Bayer
  •  Fast 8 second test time
  •  Requires only 0.6 ┬ÁL blood sample (Actual size )
  •  Easy to learn
  •  250 test memory
  •  Large LCD display
  •  Large navigation buttons
  •  Easy-to-see orange test-strip port
  •  Universal sampling lets you test capillary, venous, arterial or neonatal blood
  •  Alternate site testing for palm and forearm, in addition to fingertip
  •  No Coding  technology saves time by eliminating the coding steps
Content of CONTOUR TS Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

The kit contains the following items:

  • CONTOUR TS Blood Glucose Monitoring meter 
  • CONTOUR TS User Guide
  • CONTOUR TS Quick Reference Guide
  • CONTOUR TS Quick Start Guide
  • CONTOUR TS Blood Glucose Test Strips (10)
  • Ascensia MICROLET Adjustable Lancing Device with 10 Lancets
  • Carrying Case

CONTOUR TS Test Strips

The CONTOUR TS test strips help make testing simple and accurate

Features include: 

  • No Coding  technology helps ensure easy accuracy every time you test
  • Easy viewing of sample fills. The window makes it easy to see when the strip fills with  blood using Sip-in Sampling Technology
  • Meter automatically turns on when test strip is inserted and does not require coding
  • Flip-top bottle opens, closes and handles easily
  • Bottle design keeps strips fresh up to 6 months after opening
  • Available in packs of 10s, 25s & 50S

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