Monday, December 14, 2015

How to Increase Your Body's Resistance to Diseases?

Some Simple ways to Increase Your Body's Resistance to Diseases
Are you one of those who gets a cold with the slightest change in the weather? If yes, then you will do the best to help yourself by following my tips. 

Health Tips_Body Resistance
The sulfur compounds in garlic help you produce more antibodies to fight the invaders.

# Go green! 
Broccoli is one of the healthiest of vegetables you need to have regularly. It is anti cancerous and also anti aging.

Vitamin D will boost your defenses along with vitamin C. The bottom line is don't shun away the sun always or take your supplements.

# Grill fish! 
Baked or grilled fish would boost your immunity with plenty of omega 3 and glutamine.

# Gulp tea! 
Both black tea and green tea are good for you. 

# Go run! 
Physical activity and especially cardiac work outs block away infections and flush out all toxins. 

# Get socks! 
If you have sinusitis or are prone to colds and coughs protect your feet. Wear woollen socks at night to keep your feet warm.

# Go to bed early! 
Do not underestimate your sleeping habits and try to get a sound sleep for 8 hours to ward off infections.

# Go for a massage! 
A relaxing massage is found to increase your disease fighting white blood cells and reduce the adverse effects of stress hormones. If you cannot afford a spa don't worry! You may pamper yourself with a fruit face massage or just massage some oil in to your scalp before bath.

# Go relax! 
Spend at least 30-60 minutes doing your favourite activity, be it watching TV or some knitting work. A fun filled hobby can relax and "refactor your wetware" perking up your immunity. And if you need a power nap, go get it.

# Go easy! 
Do not rush through your morning ablutions. It is necessary to have regular and healthy bowel movements for a healthy body. Eat fiber and stay well hydrated.

Wishing you good health always,

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