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Dengue Fever - Remedies Using Papaya Leaf Juice

Dengue Fever - Remedies Using Papaya Leaf Juice.

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“Dengue fever” will invariably send shivers down the spine of people. Nothing surprising in that! It is a very serious viral ailment that is spread by a specific type of mosquito. In quite a few instances, the condition could even turn out to be fatal. Papaya leaf juice Curing the dengue fever.

It is only then that you will be convinced about the helpfulness of papaya leaf in beating dengue.

Papaya leaves come packed with powerful enzymes such as chymopapain and papain, which significantly increase the platelet count. Apart from that, these leaves have several key vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, phosphorous, calcium and iron.

Papaya Leaf Juice for Dengue Fever

Only the raw leaf of papaya works as the remedy for the ailment. The following steps will detail you:

Things you need to do:
  • Take 2 raw leaves of papaya.
  • Take away the stems and the fibrous portions of the leaves
  • Now squeeze out the juice from the leaves.
  • Directly consume the juice.
  • Repeat that for another 2 times in the day to feel the improvement
Cure Dengue Fever with Papaya Leaf paste

Just like the juice, the paste prepared from papaya leaves will help in getting rid of dengue fever as well. Even here, you should use only the raw leaves.

Things you need:

Fresh raw leaves of papaya- 3
Fruit juice (of your preference) – 2 tbsp

Things you need to do:
  • Take 3 fresh raw leaves of papaya.
  • Process them in the mixer to make a paste.
  • Combine the paste with 2 tbsp of any fruit juice of your choice.
  • Mix well.
  • Directly consume the mixture.
  • Repeat that 2 times every day, for around 7 days.
You will get total relief from dengue.

So you are now knowledgeable on using papaya leaf juice to combat dengue fever. There is absolutely no necessity for you to go into the panic mode! All you have to do is to trust the anti-dengue properties of papaya leaf.


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