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Do You Know The Miraculous Health benefits of Kadukkai (Haritaki)?


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Do You Know The Miraculous Health benefits of Kadukkai (Haritaki)

Kadukkai or Haritaki, popularly known as Harde is considered as a panacea in Ayurveda. According to the legend, the plant came to life when a drop of nectar fell from the cup of Lord Indra. Its five-flavored rasa (taste) is known to work against all three doshas namely, Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.
Besides being a trusted home remedy, kadukkai has immense potential to cure a wide plethora of diseases. In Ayurveda it is known as the mother of herbs and regarded as a Kayakalpa medicine in siddha. Haritaki or Kadukkai is one of the three ingredients, which is used to make Triphala, suggesting its importance.

Top 10 health benefits of Kadukkai:

1.Natural Laxative / Detoxifier:

Allopathic laxatives come with tons of side effects when consumed over prolonged periods of time. Kadukkai is a natural laxative that works it magic overnight. It aids in the removal of waste from the body, promotes assimilation of food nutrients and softens the stools, making their excretion easier. It is safe and non habit forming.
2.Improves digestion:

Kadukkai also helps to improve appetite and relieves the problem of indigestion. Next time when you are confronted with the problem of constipation associated with bloating, heaviness and indigestion, try Kadukkai powder. 
3.Reduces acidity:

Not just constipation and indigestion, Kadukkai is found to be very effective in relieving most of problems of the digestive system. By increasing mucus production in the stomach, it strengthens the natural protective barrier against acidity and peptic ulcers.
4.Weight Loss:

Kadukkai is very effective at cleansing the noxious toxins that accumulate in the body. It also regulates hunger pangs and purifies blood. Thus, combined with an effective diet and exercise regime, kadukkai helps to lose weight naturally.
5.Stops hair fall:

For the hair, Kadukkai is used for the treatment of lice infestation and dandruff by mixing it with warm coconut oil and gently applied on the scalp. Moreover, it can also be used for lengthening of hair length, preventing premature greying and increasing density. Used as a hair pack along with curry leaf, amla powder and yogurt, applied to the hair roots.
6.Mouth ulcer and gum diseases:

Almost all you must have suffered from the terrible pain of mouth ulcers at some point in life. Some people also suffer from gum problems like bleeding gums. Rubbing Kadukkai powder on the gums or boiling it in water for rinsing the mouth regularly gives immense relief. When used to rinse the mouth regularly, it can help restore taste sensations of the tongue.
7.For skin problems:

Whether it is skin allergies or acne, Kadukkai forms an effective, alternate remedy. When mixed with sandalwood and boiled in water, it makes a light green paste. This is applied as a face pack. It reduces the itching, redness and swelling. The antibacterial properties of the herb help to treat acne. 
8.Rejuvenating effects:

According to some yogis, Kadukkai increases the build up of pranas, a subtle energy that enhances the intellect, strength of the body and stimulates the senses giving a rejuvenating feel coupled with freshness of mind and body.The healing properties of Kadukkai are also known to vitiate the effects of ageing.
9.Cough in children:

Powdered Kadukkai mixed with honey is a traditional remedy  for effective and safe treatment of cough in children.

According to a recent research, Kadukkai effectively reduces insulin resistance, improves metabolism thereby helping to control blood sugar levels without any side effects.
Kadukkai has medicinal properties, yet it can be safely used for prolonged periods of time. But it is not suitable for people who are fasting, pregnant or have severe digestive problems. For maximum benefits, use kadukkai powder once daily before heading to bed. One tablespoon, washed down with warm water, is usually sufficient. It is most effective if you use sun dried, mature plants, which are crushed into a powder, to make the remedies.

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