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Come Indian summer, most of you go crazy at the sight of ‘ripe’ mangoes. But when you hear of the benefits of ‘raw’ mangoes, you will go bonkers over it too.

Raw mangoes are tasty, mouth-watering and packed with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and yes, water.

In olden days in South India (particularly Kerala), people lived on raw mango and jack fruit. This testifies how our ancestors were healthier than us, even though we claim to eat superior nutritious food today.

Raw mango has been an all-time favourite of school going children. The centre of the fruit, if you notice, has a single seed that’s oblong and flat. Most of you must have grown up hearing how children on way to school used to throw stones on mango trees to get their share of raw mangoes.

In the scorching heat, there is nothing more blissful than having aam panna and aam ras made of raw mangoes. In fact, the state of Kerala has a lot of raw mango trees, apart from virgin beaches and unending coastlines. Such is the demand of unripe mangoes that they are mainly used for preparing pickles and fresh raw mango juice, chutneys, sauces, jams, and dried powder.

Keeping their fun and taste factor aside, raw mangoes are blessed with health benefits too, which most of you might not be aware of. In fact, not only apples, but eating green mangoes would also keep the doctor at bay. Let us find out how this delicious sour fruit looks after our health side too.

Health Benefits of Raw Mangoes

1. Fights acidity
Given our eating habits and preferences for spicy junk food, acidity is the common problem most of us face. You can come out of the messy situation of acidity and chest burn by eating raw mango. It is the best fruit available to combat the harassing acidity. Just chew on a piece of raw mango and see how you get back to enjoying good digestion without turning over to medicated pills.

2. Prevents water loss
In scorching summers, water loss from our body is bound to affect most of us. Eat raw mangoes with a pinch of salt on it. It quenches body thirst and reduces water loss effectively.

3. Cures stomach problems
Summer heat makes human body crave for water, water and water. But it also causes stomach upset from time to time. Raw mango heals chronic stomach problems such as diarrhoea, indigestion, dysentery and piles. It also helps in easy digestion of foods and fruits, cleanses our intestines and relieves many of constipation.

4. Treats blood disorders
Raw mangoes are very helpful in treating blood disorders. This is owing to their high Vitamin C content that increases the elasticity of the blood vessels, thereby boosting the formation of new blood cells. It also prevents bleeding tendencies besides increasing body resistance to TB and cholera.

5. Boosts hormonal health
Raw mango has Vitamin A and E that enhance our hormonal system. It is also rich in pectin and Vitamin B complex that keeps us in good health.

6. Reduces weight
Compare it with a ripe mango and raw mango is a star when it comes to cutting calories and dropping pounds. In fact, raw mango will fulfill your weight loss mission in the best possible way, since it has very less sugar when pitched against a ripe mango.

7. Prevents scurvy and bleeding gums
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) deficiency can lead to scurvy, thereby leading to ulceration and bleeding gums, anemia, edema (swelling) and fatigue. Eating raw mango helps complete the Vitamin C quota needed by your body. In the process, it reduces the likelihood of your getting scurvy, anemia or bleeding gums and improving your health manifold.

8. Promotes dental hygiene
Our teeth happen to be the most vital part of our body. Surprisingly, we tend to ignore them. Eating raw or green mangoes is good for the gums. Not only does it prevent gum bleeding, it also stops bad breath and fights tooth decay.

9. Helps fight morning sickness for pregnant women
Shoo away your morning sickness by eating raw mango when you are in a state of pregnancy. It is a home remedy that works in overcoming morning sickness. Just sprinkle some salt on a raw mango and see it eliminate nausea.

10. Enhances vision
Raw mangoes have high quantities of Vitamin A and flavonoids such as alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin. All these compounds put together help in improving and keeping good vision.

11. Aids liver health
Having a healthy liver is the best way to live hale and hearty. But, for the liver disorders that come up. Raw mango is one of the best natural ways to treat liver ailments. When you chew on a chunk of green mango, it increases the secretion of bile acids and juice for better liver health and cleanses the intestines of bacterial infections.

12. Takes care of sun stroke
In the summer season, prickly heat is our worst enemy. With constant itching and scratching the skin, we end up with rashes on the skin. Eating raw mango is the best thing to resolve prickly heat as it has a whole lot of properties that prevent sun stroke from happening.

13. Decreases sweating
Summers leave us high and dry. Sweating and perspiration are never ending. However, you can bring down your sweating and loss of body salts by drinking raw mango juice. It prevents the loss of sodium chloride and iron that happens in summers due to excessive sweating.

14. Prevents constipation
Each morning throws us a challenge when we try hard but are not able to defecate. If nothing seems to work, then fight constipation by having chopped raw mango with salt and honey. This will bring you the much needed relief.

15. Helps diabetics
Those of you suffering from diabetes have to stay away from sugar as much as possible. Whoever said that it is the end of the road for diabetics? Reach out for the raw mango. It is a healthy fruit which can be consumed with yogurt or rice in order to cut down on the body’s sugar levels.

16. Boosts immunity
In order to stay in the pink of health and have good immunity, eat raw mangoes. They make the body tough to infections and attacks, keeping you look younger and healthier.

So the next time you plan to eat mango, choose raw mango for a fruitful and enjoyable taste. It is a multi-benefit fruit you can use to make sherbet, chutney, murabba and aam panna, the best summer coolant that’s delicious and enjoyable.

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